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    Out my window
    The rain starts to fall
    And the wind blows
    Through an empty hall
    In the mirror
    Reflections of you

    In the distance I hear a sound
    Is that you coming around

    Oh, what you gonna do
    I think I should be with you
    A love that's overdue
    Oh I think I should be with you

    Thought I saw you
    In a stranger's face
    Should I call you
    Or should I walk away
    'Round the corner
    Is around the world

    Is that you looking at me
    Or am I living a dream

    And when I'm lost in a dream
    You are all I can see
    All alone in the night I'm waiting for you
    Every moment I'd die
    Just to look in your eyes
    The dream is alive...I'm waiting
    Oh my, how I try
    To make you see that
    I should be with you

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