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    Well I?ve been lockin' myself up in my house for sometime now
    Readin' and writin' and readin' and thinkin'
    And searching for reasons and missing the seasons.
    The Autumn, the Spring, the Summer, the snow.
    The record will stop the record will go.
    Latches latched the windows down,
    The dog coming in the dog going out.
    Up with caffeine and down with a shot.
    Constantly worried about what I?ve got.
    Distracting my work but I can?t make a stop
    And my confidence on and my confidence off.
    And I sink to the bottom and rise to the top
    And I think to myself that I do this a lot.
    World outside just goes it goes it goes it goes it goes it goes...
    And witness it all from the blinds of my window.

    I'm a little nervous 'bout what you'll think
    When you see me in my swimming trunks
    And last night in New York I got raging drunk
    Remember one time I got raging drunk with you

    Now, I can recall a time when we made the city
    Streets our playground, kissing in the fountains
    Filled with cigarettes and bottles
    Sped through Italian city streets of cobblestone

    Because we had to
    Because I loved you
    Because the damned alcohol
    Beacuse what ever at all

    Now I've grown to aware of my mortality
    To let go and forget about dying
    Long enough to drop the hammer down
    And let the indolence go wild and flying through

    Because we had to

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