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    Who sold you this anger
    I suspect it was your friends
    Or was it a stranger
    Convincing you that this was the end

    And I would like to thank you
    For coming round and doing this
    My nights have been pretty painful
    Losing that pain was always the trick

    You always said that I was lying
    That I was just a selfish man
    But I all ready gave it all away
    So you can let go of my selfish hand

    So bye bye bye bye bye
    I ain?t got time to watch you cry
    Cause I?ve been drinking seven hours now
    Sympathy is a waste of my high

    And I would like to say it hurts me (but it don?t)
    That I don?t know just what to do (but I do)
    But it don?t hurt when you?re just killing time
    I was killing time and I think that you knew

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