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    Oh tell me please that I don't have to read between the lines
    Hey this is me and you don't have to keep something heavy on your mind
    Did you sleep?
    Not a wink
    Well neither did I
    I've never been too good at readin' in between the lines
    So babe spell it out but you don't have to shout when you're talking to me
    Do you care?
    Are you there?
    Well neither am I
    Don't lock your door everyone is poor between the lines
    And I could never steal the sadness you feel when your changing you mind
    Oh my dear
    Can you hear?
    Well neither can I
    I want to live and I want you to live happy and free
    But I don't know how to seperate the now from what used to be
    Will you sleep?
    Not a wink
    Well neither will I

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