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    If you only saw it all, would your words even change?
    The torment, the anger,our last demise
    Your truth defeats my time
    All and all for what it's worth
    Would you change your fucking mind?

    You carry on, I'll walk behind
    No need to test our time
    The story goes on again
    It all repeats the same.

    The crying, screaming, loss for words
    Your money remains.
    All i ask for is a piece of mind.

    I numb to ease the pain
    You play your part,
    The victim at heart
    Once more repeats the same
    The yearning keeps burning

    It all repeats the same.
    Regret it sits.
    I can't be proud of this.
    Condemned i am
    I sit inside this shell
    Hide all my feelings,
    And take me from this world
    I could not leave alli know behind

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