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    Just one more high.
    This life is all I know.
    Hide in myself, im condemned by myself.
    I'll Decay before my time.

    Choking up on this guilty deed of mine.
    Home on the floor, you can hit me once more.
    Confined, this guilty deed of mine.
    My life, i'll decay before my time, confined.

    Just sit back and watch it all.
    I can't be what you ant from me.
    Regret has set, and sank it's teeth into me.
    Into the skin not knowing when i will win.

    Bruised body is all i hold.
    It's not my choice.
    I have no grip on this.

    Blinded by the light, always losing my fright.
    Just a crumble and lose it all.
    Confined this guilty deed of mine.
    I'll decay before my time, confined/

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