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    A sudden gasp for life, will this be our last?
    Will we sit back and, watch fate destroy us?
    Come and take my hand, we can ride off
    And watch the world die as we breath in our last breaths.

    Sun sets on us.

    The darkened skies are now falling over head.
    Will this be the end, or just another dream.
    Angels falling from burning skies.
    Hell has opened up it's doors for us.

    Dying world.

    Now can you feel the end?
    Now can you see the end?
    Now do you want the end?
    Now do you think your god cares?

    A mass suicide for all, all mankind.
    This is all our faults, no one will be saved.
    Our time is running thin.
    I look towards the skies.
    I see now that this is truly the end.

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