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    maybe you should work for "sick of it all"
    or get a job with the l.a.p.d.
    did someone switch your ritalin with ephedrine?
    Just don't take your fucking problems out on me.

    I'd buy you a little fuzzy bunny
    I'd put you on my x-mas card list
    if you'd promise not to take your job so seriously
    and realize you don't have to be so pissed.

    life ain't all that bad. life ain't all that bad.
    even if henry rollins is your dad.
    life ain't all that bad. life ain't all that bad.
    buck up litter camper, don't be sad.

    maybe you could go hunting with ted nugent
    and see how many animals you could kill.
    I'd pay all of my friends just to hang out with you
    and take you out to sizzler for a meal.

    I'd take you to my favorite karoke bar
    and you sing "let the sunshine in".
    you could stomp my ass into oblivion
    but that doesn't mean I'll put up with your shit

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