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    I need a girl who like to go to shows
    I need a girl that won't make fun of my clothes.
    I'm looking for a special girl who wants to go all over the world,
    If you're my special girl won't you let me know?

    Do you have a boyfriend?
    Or possibly a girlfriend?
    Cause! i'm lonely all the time
    And i wish that it would end.

    I need a girl that likes to stay out late,
    We'd share a cocktail, wouldn't it be great?
    If only this were true then i would fall in love with you,
    I'm looking for a special girl, could it be you?

    I could write a stupid love song,
    And sing it all across the world
    But it wouldn't mean a thing.
    Until i find my special girl.

    When will i find my special girl?

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