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    These break-up songs make sense again
    And i really wish they didn't.
    Sinatra's singing summer wind
    And i'm thinking of the night we met.

    Just one last time
    Can i hear you say?
    "You're my little boy
    I never want you to go away"

    Where are you?
    Please believe in me.
    I'm not hanging up the phone
    'til i hear you say,

    "I love you.
    I need you near."
    Just give me one last chance
    And i'll never let you down again.

    Oh and what i wouldn't give
    Just to kiss your lips again
    To hold your hand next to my heart
    And wake up with you in our apartment.

    Just one last time
    Can i call you my sweetheart?
    My best friend
    Why do all good things come to an end.

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