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    Frankie died just the other night.
    Some say it was suicide,
    But we know
    How the story goes.
    With his six string knife
    And his street wise pride
    The boy was a man before his time,
    And she knew
    All their dreams would come true.

    But ya see, Frankie was fast,
    Too fast to know.
    He wouldn't go slow
    Until his lethal dose.
    And she knows
    He'll finally come too close.

    Well, on with the show.
    Going on with the show.
    Come on baby
    No, no, no.
    Oh my, my, my . . .

    He was bad.
    He was never good.
    But one thing that he understood.
    And she knew
    All those lies would come true.

    The time has come and
    He's paid his dues.
    Suzy finally got the news.
    She always knew
    This day would come soon.



    He was stopped on a dime
    With a switchblade knife.
    Some damn punk went and
    Took Frankie's life.
    And she knew
    She'd have to pull through.
    Broken down, with his broken dreams,
    With a wink of an eye
    Said "Suzy, listen to me
    You must go
    On with the show."
    Oh baby

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