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    Do you remember all the things we did?
    And what it's like to be a kid.
    Being young and skipping school,
    I guess we must have broken every rule!

    I never thought those times would last forever,
    But now that they're gone
    I'm pretty sure we grew up to fast.

    I've had my wishes on a star
    I hope that yours came true.
    Now all i've got is a memory of you.

    (chorus) not a worry in.. (x7) ... the world!

    I remember when you moved away,
    You promised me that you'd be back one day,
    But times have changed and so have i,
    It sucks that friendships end
    With a goodbye.

    I never thought that frienships last forever.
    But now that you're gone
    I'm pretty sure we end up all the same.
    Still i won't say goodbye.
    Won't ever say goodbye.
    And know that i'll always be your friend.

    (repeat chorus)

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