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    It all started one day
    when I had nothing more to say to you
    so I ran over the other way.
    Love is for morons.
    But, who's this fucking idiot that I see
    staring right back at me???
    Will someone tell me
    what's right or wrong anymore?
    Cause' everywhere I go
    I wonder what I'm searching for.
    I think of all the times
    I've thought of you and masturbated.
    All this pre-teen shit has got me so frustrated!
    Don't turn around
    cause' there's nothing more for you back there.
    I'd send a postcard,
    but it'd say how much that I don't care.
    I'm goin' east to say the least
    to see The Queers, how true.
    I'll be at the Neilhouse
    but I'll be without you!
    Don't try to tell me you can't have any fun.
    You played me for a fucking fool
    but now you get to be one... don't go

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