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    Ever since i saw you
    On my so-called life,
    I've been writing you these letters
    Asking you to be my wife.
    But its been almost a year
    And still i've gotten no reply,
    I'm assuming you have met some other guy.

    So i sit in my room,
    Watch romeo & juliet
    A thousand times.
    I wish i was as cool
    As leonardo is
    But i'm not.

    I went on jerry springer
    To confess my love to you
    You said i didn't have a chance
    And there was nothing i could do
    You told me i was crazy
    And wished that i was dead.
    You threw a chair right upside my head

    Today i highjacked a plane
    I wrote your name across the sky,
    Miss clare danes.
    But they were waiting on the ground
    To take me straight to jail

    I'm staring at your pictures
    From my lonely little cell
    I'm writing you this letter
    To let you know i doing well
    Until we meet again
    You know i'll cry a thousand tears
    And i'll see you in another twenty years.

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