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    Everything is turning grey, but I won't hold my breath today
    Cause' I'm not scared and to tell the truth I just don't care.
    Are you looking for an answer? When you still don't know the question.
    It's like lighting candles in the rain-
    Sometimes life can be a pain,
    But don't give up without a fight.
    Sometimes when you feel afraid, don't give up and run away.
    Cause' two wrongs don't make a right.
    What's the point in crying when you've don nothing wrong.
    It was right there all along.
    The world's nothing but a lie and everyone is going to die
    But what can I say? Just help me make it through today.
    You don't need a destination just to go somewhere in life.
    It's like throwing feathers at the wind-
    They come right back to you again.
    So why not give it one more try?
    Just cause' things aren't what they seem
    It doesn't mean you shouldn't dream
    Just don't get your hopes to high.
    Cause' when things don't turn out right
    You world comes crashing down

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