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    so long my friend, don't say goodbye
    just give me one last kiss beneath this glowing sky.
    we'll go walking through the park
    and hang out in the rain.
    tell a joke and watch me smile
    as we drink away the day.

    and know the next time that you
    make a wish upon a star
    I'll be wishing on the same one that you do
    and every night I'm all alone
    in some burn out highway town
    I'll be thinking of the day that I met you.

    hello again, it's been to long.
    what happened to our love
    since the last time I was gone?

    I detach myself again
    and lose something everytime.
    the solutions in the problem
    temporarily alright.

    and know the next time that you
    make a wish upon a star
    that sometimes it might actually come true.
    our conversation can't consist of hello and goodbye
    and the silence between saying I love you.
    and sometimes I wonder 'bout that too.

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