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    today I'm missing something
    in this small new england town.
    here's to you my best friend.
    just wanted to say that I miss
    having you around.

    I'm staring at your picture
    and dreaming that I could hold your hand.
    we'd walk down to the ocean
    and I would write your name in the sand.

    they say sometimes you need some time apart
    but I've got a bad case of broken heart.
    and you're the only one who's got the cure.
    and I can't live another day without seeing you smile.

    2000 miles between us and I guess that I'm the one to blame.
    relationships and heartaches,
    these two things are one and the same.

    the radio plays a love song.
    I smash my fist right through the dial.
    here's to the broken hearted.
    a generation born in denial

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