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    "It's nice to meet someone with a future as fucked up as mine
    So I'm unpredictable- is this some fucking sign of the times??
    I take pride in what I do and I do it well, call me easy-going
    Well at least I have a finished story to tell

    'Cause tomorrow I just might be another face on your T.V.
    Being arrested for telephone fraud
    Or beating someone to death with my guitar
    But I know I will go far...

    I know I will go far enough to tell you that I love you
    But I know I'm stupid just because I run right back to you
    I got your letters yesterday but I don't have a thing to say
    So I'll nail 'em to my wall and just pretend they'll go away

    I don't wanna love you but it's something that I love to do
    So I'll say this one last thing and then I'm gone away for good,
    Was I misunderstood?
    I guess that it's too late to save you. "

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