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    I'm feeling hungry
    Empty tummy
    And I want to make it full
    So I spend a day
    At Wong's buffet

    And eat till I explode
    There's sixty types
    Of Oriental delights
    I gotta have them all
    Chicken wings
    And onion rings
    And sweet and sour balls
    At Wong's!

    (Come and sail with me)
    At Wong's!
    (On the sea of gluttony)
    At Wong's!
    (Eat until it hurts)
    At Wong's!
    (But don't forget there's pudding for dessert)
    The chicken's tough
    The noodles are rough
    And the chowmein's three days old
    But it's quantity

    Not quality that
    Has got my soul
    So fill that plate
    No Mistake
    There's no holding back
    I won't stop
    Until I got
    A packed digestive tract
    At Wong's!

    (No dish is a loss)
    At Wong's!
    (Covered in red sauce)
    At Wong's!
    (Everything is battered)
    At Wong's!

    (What's inside doesn't even matter)
    Second plate!

    Third plate!

    Fourth plate!


    Fortune cookie..
    (I think I ate the fortune)
    I try to leave
    I want to heave
    My whole body hurts

    Can barely stand
    I tell you man,
    I got my money's worth
    If I get the time

    I'm going to go to China
    And eat at their
    Ancient buffets
    But I'm wonderin'

    How they stay so thin
    Eating like this every day!
    At Wong's!
    (Give chopsticks a try)
    At Wong's!

    (To pick up your French Fry)
    At Wong's!
    (You know I'm coming back)
    Eating here is
    Worth the heart attack
    Wong's Chinese Buffet!

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