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    People ask us why we sing, they say we really dig your stuff
    You must really love the things you do, is it enough
    You've all got university degrees that should be a start
    You can get a job a car a life, do you do it for the love of art
    Integrity and honesty usually mean poverty
    Attention in the media won't buy financial solvency
    We're just here to have some laughs we don't want to lead in fashion
    We don't want a record deal as long as we get the cash in

    'cause we're waiting to sell out
    Our GNP is what we're all about
    Our budget's low, our costs are high
    Without your help we'll surely die
    My name is Mike and I can't afford to eat
    My name is Trevor and I live out on the street
    My name is Chris..... (ramble on)

    So if you..... buy our tape
    So if you..... buy our tape
    So if you..... buy our tape


    'cause we're selling out that's what we do
    Is ten dollars too much to ask of you and you and you
    This is the last of us you'll see unless we pay our PUC (public utilities)

    We give you laughter we work and slave
    So don't be the bastard that never gave
    Ten dollars can go so far, you'll see us spend it at the bar
    Buy our tapes or our CDs, we'll pay the GST
    Got no cash, what the heck, we'll even take a cheque certified of course....

    'cause we're waiting to sell out
    If you don't buy our stuff we're going to pout
    Think about this if you don't buy
    Next set we sing American Pie

    (blah blah blah)

    'cause we're waiting to sell out....

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