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    Oh my darling I sure loved that meal
    Though I could still taste the pig squeal
    Now I?m weak and losing focus
    I think you gave me trichinosis

    Trichinosis is little worms that dig
    And burrow through your body after you eat raw pig
    I love you hon but can?t help but notice
    That you gave me trichinosis

    By candlelight I ate that pork
    I couldn?t see danger on my fork
    Oh if you do love me completely
    Never again feed me food that will eat me
    Now I feel kinda strange inside like I?m in an apartment

    With tenants I just can?t seem to evict
    They?re having a party and I?m the buffet
    I love you darling but I?d be lying
    If I didn?t tell you this was eating me up inside

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