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    Christmas makes me realize how greatly things do change
    Friends lose touch, people age, and family moves away
    But it is what had stayed the same that gives me the most tears
    For i've had the same christmas cake for almost thirty years

    Granny made it back in sixty-eight and gave it to my mom
    Who gave it to her uncle who gave it to her son
    Who then gave it to me and that is where it stuck
    For i was only three months old and clearly out of luck

    Each christmas of my childhood that fruit-brick would return
    My mom would place it on a plate and tell me i must learn
    That it is rude to get a gift and not put it to use
    And every year i'd take a bite and chip another tooth

    After fifteen years of misery i'd had all i could take (all i could take)
    That summer i went camping and dropped it in the lake (in the lake)
    I thought that i was rid of it, but on christmas eve (christmas eve)
    There it was "from santa claus" under the christmas tree (christmas tree)

    Each year i'd try to lose it but it would just return
    So i cried out "oh why have i been given such a burden?"
    A voice replied, "it's not a curse, but the greatest gift"
    "for when all else abandons you, you will still have it."

    For all of man's creations slowly waste away
    Relationships do crumble and buildings do decay
    The pyramids and stonehenge slowly disappear
    But if they were made of christmas cake they'd last a million years

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