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    If you believe in Darwin's theory
    I'm not saying you have to but it's an interesting theory
    Darwin said we all evolve from monkeys
    If his theory is accurate and who am I to say?
    Does the opposite work going the other way?
    If it does I wanna devolve back to a monkey

    I wanna be a monkey that's for sure
    I wanna be a monkey like Curious George

    I would sit around all day just eating bananas
    I might be naked or just wear pyjamas
    And make my money appearing in hilarious movies
    Monkey see, monkey do
    That would be my excuse
    It's not my fault, I'm just a monkey who can see

    I wanna be a monkey, that'd be nice
    I wanna be a monkey, eating other monkey's lice

    When they say it's so easy that a monkey could do it
    I'd be more than happy to prove it
    Then you'd know for sure if it was easy or not
    And if you wanna see the home of Michael Jackson
    I could provide some simian distraction
    Cuz we all know monkeys are Michael's second biggest weakness

    I wanna be a monkey yes I do
    I wanna be a monkey and fling my poo
    I wanna be a monkey
    I'd be agape if I was an ape
    What a thrilla to be a gorilla
    It would rock to be a macaque
    I wanna be a monkey

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