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    Often on the weekend i'll jump in my car
    I won't fill up the tank although i'm going far
    And if somebody asks me if i'm going to a bar
    I'll say i'm shopping 'cross the border in the usa
    I don't go down there to buy my groceries
    I respect our farmers and our factories
    I don't believe that "local" means it's poor in quality
    It's just our goddamn prices are too high

    (if he stays away for just two days)
    I'll get one hundred dollars duty-free
    If it adds to more i won't claim it for
    (he won't declare the products if they're in his trunk)

    Although it is canada that i call home
    I don't cheer for the yankees when i'm in the dome
    I didn't swell with pride during the desert storm
    It's just that i don't want to pay the tax
    (it's just that he's too cheap to pay the tax)

    (yes, it's just like this, he's a loyalist)
    I'll only shop at malls that fly our flag
    (and he'll tell bob rae that he just won't pay)
    Unless i need my unemployment benefits
    (get a job, get a job, get a job)

    Now everyone is doing the same thing as me
    They're doing what they can to beat the gst
    They're lining up for miles at the duty-free
    So i bought a jc penny's store in buffalo
    (so everybody come on down to buffalo)

    (cause if you stay away for just two days)
    You'll get one hundred dollars duty-free
    Though it's not at par it'll still go far
    And it ends up in the pockets of a country man
    (it ends up in the pockets of a country man)

    Oh, canada.

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