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    The life of the artist may seem like fun to you
    That's cause you don't know the hell that we go through
    Waking up at noon working an hour every day
    And every now and then having to go on tour and play
    But it is almost worth it when we finally appear
    At the best place in the world, insert your town name here

    Me and my comrades
    Are rock n' roll nomads
    So hot we might explode
    Or get really sweaty, that's life on the road

    We do it for the children and for the elderly too
    And 'cause we really, really, really, really like you
    And we do it for the money and 'cause we're slobs
    Who are unqualified for any paying jobs
    While you're working nine to five spare a thought for us
    As we're sitting watching DVD's on our fancy bus

    Getting a massage
    From our masseuse, Lars
    I'm developing a roll
    From all this rich food, that's life on the road

    Life on the road (I think it's time for my afternoon nap)
    Life on the road (where the hell did I put that map)
    Life on the road (sometimes it's hard to find a good salad)
    Life on the road (and that's why we're singing this power ballad)

    We can try to tell you but you'll never understand
    The hell of being wealthy and having lots of fans
    So we hope you're happy putting us through hell
    Because of you we get to stay in really nice hotels
    We sacrifice ourselves bringing joy into your lives
    And to sell this crap we've got for you to buy

    Stealing toiletries
    From the room before we leave
    Then to another town we go
    After a continental breakfast, that's life on the road
    Life on the road
    It's hot and it's cold
    Like pie a la mode
    There's no life like it, life on the road

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