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    Johnny was a tall man, but his memory was short.
    He'd forget to duck at doorways, and often he'd get hurt.
    I took good care of him for he had no family.
    Accually he did but he forgot who they be.
    Johnny often liked to go out on the town.
    He'd forget where he'd be going, so he'd just wander 'round.
    I knew when he was back, for I would hear the smack
    Of his head hitting the doorway, but one night it was a lack.
    Johnny came home headless.
    It was a great disgrace,
    But where ever it's a'lying
    There's a smile upon his face.
    I should have seen it comin'.
    He'd finally lost his mind,
    But if his head don't turn up soon
    then all his hats are mine.
    Johnny came towards me, but suddenly he stopped,
    As if trying to think of something but having no luck,
    'Cause still he didn't notice that his head weren't there,
    'Til he took out a brush and tried to comb his hair.
    I said,

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