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    I am not American,
    Though I live in North America
    Which is part of the Americas
    Which should make me an American

    Geographically Canadians,
    Are certainly Americans
    As are Venisallians,
    But not Hawaiians

    They're out in the middle of the Ocean
    Just like the U.S. Virgin Islands,
    Who shoudn't say they are Americans,
    Or even Virgins

    How could two whole continents,
    Lose their name to one Constitute
    Where were we when the U.S. went,
    And took the word American away?

    But to be fair to them,
    Their other name options,
    Like U.S.A.ers or United Statesians,
    Were pretty bad

    Still I want to be as American,
    As the French are European,
    Or those in Antarctica are Antarctican
    Even if they're just penguins

    That leaves us Canadians as Northern North American,
    But Alaska?s Norther curse them
    We're surrounded by Americans
    Americans, Americans!

    I just called those U.S.A.ers Americans
    A name meant for two continents not just them
    For if I said I was American,
    People would probably think I came from Maine

    Still I think I have a plan,
    Let's become Antarctican,
    And join up with the penguins
    For just like them, we're not American!

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