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    From the deepest, darkest depths of...whitby!
    Comes this sordid tale of speed...
    Murderous mayhem..
    Cataclysmic combustion...
    Picturesque powered pistons...
    Accellerating automotive alarms...
    Stunningly stupifying stereo stunts!
    One man... a dream... a car... a 1984... plymouth... horizon...

    I loved the car from tail to grill
    I wouldn't change a thing
    I wouldn't trade the ashtray
    For the queen's engagement ring
    But things they started going wrong
    And went from bad to worse
    The clutch went kinda funny
    Then i couldn't use reverse
    Still i loved my baby
    And would not admit defeat
    Just because it left a trail
    Of rust along the street
    It kept on running bravely
    On duct tape and a prayer
    Plus a monthly tribute to
    The guy who did repairs
    It all seems so unfair (the man was glad the day he bought)


    Till one day on the parking lot
    They called 401
    My car became the meat between
    A buick-honda bun
    I saw some parts go flying
    That you really need to drive
    My car had become roadkill
    Though it never was alive
    Left a muffler in the passing lane
    A hubcap in the slow
    The windshield on the median
    A headlight in the snow
    And as i skidded off the road
    The other drivers laughed
    My middle-finger greeting
    Would be my epitaph
    Death would come at last (here lies the man who dared to buy)


    Now i look at my bent fender
    The twisted wheel rim
    I wonder if horizon
    Will ever drive again
    But i know that this was not the end
    Road warriors die hard
    And i signed this mr. iacoca's
    Organ donor card
    The steel will get recycled
    And they'll build another car
    Bigger, faster, stronger
    An automotive star
    My quest will then begin
    And revenge will soon be mine
    As i drive my gleaming three-door
    Orange chrysler frankenstein
    Searching for that buick
    To try to end its days
    We'll settle off the score
    And then we'll drive away (the sun will rise again on the)

    My horizon!
    My horizon!

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