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    I came to town in the heat
    A lonely man with tired feet
    Covered heat to toe in perspiration
    Then you caught me unaware
    Body so sleek I had to stare

    And me a man in need of transportation
    I do not how you got
    Into Hernandez' Used Car Lot
    But I knew that you were
    Coming back with me
    I had to have you for my own

    But should I lease or get a loan
    Sometimes love is not free
    And I'll dress you up in fuzzy dice

    A liscence plate that glows
    And chrome exhaust pipes
    I'll dress you up in fuzzy dice

    And together we ride into the night
    Paid Hernandez to let you go
    My lovely El Camino
    Could hardly wait to get you to my place
    And even though we love each other
    I will put on plastic seat covers
    Nowadays you cannot be too safe

    I will buff you every night
    And put your lugnuts on so tight
    Do you love me as much as I love you
    And when I drive you 'round a corner
    Do you think of another owner
    Am I enough for you?
    Oh, I'll dress you up in fuzzy dice

    Funny bumper stickers and tires with walls of white
    I'll dress you up in fuzzy dice

    And together we will ride into the night
    Vroom vroom vroom

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