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    I once had a dog named Bob
    And Bob's a funny name for a dog
    If you're gonna get a dog, don't name him Bob
    My neighbour's name is also Bob
    And every time I call my dog
    My neighbour Bob shows up without my dog

    Hey, Bob, not YOU, Bob
    I'm looking for my dog
    Have you seen my dog named Bob?
    My dog named Bob

    Bob the dog drank antifreeze
    I got a new dog named Jeez
    So I could yell "Oh Jeez!" just when I please
    And when Jehovah's Witnesses

    Come to my house in Saturdays
    I ask them if they'd like to witness Jeez
    Holy Jeez, they fell on their knees
    They beg me, "Please, can we meet Jeez, pretty please?"
    Oh Holy Jeez

    Well those Jehovah's Witnesses
    Called the Humane Society
    They took my Jeez away from me
    And then the Catholic diosces
    Made a big deal out of Jeez
    And now I have to pay to go see Jeez

    Hey, Jeez, remember me?
    Remember the beach and playing Frisbee with me?
    For the love of Jeez

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