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    When i look around me,
    I can't believe what i see
    It seems as if this country
    Has lost its will to live
    The economy is lousy,
    We barely have an army
    But we can still stand proudly
    'cause canada's really big

    We're the second largest country
    On this planet earth
    And if russia
    Keeps on shrinking
    Then soon we'll be first
    (as long as we keep quebec)

    The usa has tanks
    And switzerland has banks
    They can keep them, thanks
    They just don't amount
    'cause when you get down to it
    You find out what the truth is
    It isn't what you do with it
    It's the size that counts!

    Most people
    Will tell you
    That france is pretty large
    But you can put
    Fourteen frances
    Into this land of ours
    (it'd take a lotta work, it's take a whole lotta work)

    We're larger than malaysia
    Almost as big as asia
    We're bigger than australia
    And it's a continent
    So big we seldom bother
    To go see one another
    But we often go to other
    Countries for vacation

    Our mountains
    Are very pointy
    Our prairies are not
    The rest is
    Kinda bumpy
    But, man, do we have a lot
    (we gotta lot of land, we gotta whole lot of land)

    So stand up and be pound
    And sing out very loud
    We stand out from the crowd 'cause
    Canada's really big!

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