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    She's been around yeah she has seen it all
    She took the punches then she took the fall
    Now once again she's left alone
    And she's listening to records
    Of the Rolling Stones

    The day's a nightmare that won't seem to end
    And every morning it's the same again
    But when she falls asleep at night
    Then everything will be alright

    Cause when she's sleeping
    She dreams about a world
    Without loneliness and pain
    But when she wakes up
    That dream was just a dream
    And the world is still the same

    Little lost girl take you time
    You will have your day

    She's spending hours lying on the floor
    She's had enough can't take it anymore
    Don't bother asking her about the mess she's in
    She hardly wouldn't know where to begin

    She wants to leave she wants to get away
    She doesn't think she'll make it through the day
    Her problems just got stacked so high
    And all she does is sleep and cry

    Little does she know
    That her tome will eventually come
    Little does she know
    That she just has to keep ploughing on

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