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    Haven't read the book, I've seen the movie
    Now does that mean that I'm a jerk?
    I hate to get up in the morning
    And I don't like to go to work
    But I've been around now, for quite some time
    And I'm still doing what I like
    So if you want to hate my guts
    Just go ahead, it's alright

    It's ok to hate me [3x] now

    Hey, I was there, I've got the t-shirt
    I've got some stickers on my van
    A big screen tv motherfucker
    And an awesome punk rock band
    And I just don't care what goes on in the world
    And I just don't care about you
    You've had your chance but you fucked it up
    I'm telling you, we're through

    Don't care what others think of me
    Just wait till I take down your tree
    I leave you crying in the mud
    So it's ok to hate my guts

    It's ok to hate me [3x] now

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