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    I need some medication,
    Some glue to fix my heart
    I need someone
    To clean this mess inside my head
    I'd like an explanation,
    Oh please tell me why
    I hate the fact you've left,
    You've left me wondering

    I can't appreciate
    The fact that you went away
    The minutes that have passed since then
    Please fall in love again
    I don't know what to do today
    Tomorrow's the same as yesterday
    I stay in bed 'till three o'clock
    Don't care about waking up
    You make me feel like giving in
    I'm giving up I'm caving in

    I need someone
    To put some sense back in my head
    The way I feel today,
    I might as well be dead
    I still can't believe the things you've said to me
    About what we had,
    It just wasn't meant to be

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