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    When your heart is broken
    For the third time in a row
    You think it's all over
    The final curtain
    Of the final show

    But then love comes by for you again
    It takes away your worries
    And it takes you by the hand
    And it will never let you down

    Evi I love you
    And I want you
    Here tonight

    Picking up the pieces
    Is a nightmare when you're all alone
    Crawling through the darkness
    Feelings never shown

    But the sun comes up
    Another day
    And it will shine on you
    In a very special way
    And it will always keep you warm

    Evi I love you
    And I want you
    Here tonight

    I never really got to thank you
    For the time we spent together
    And I'm sorry it's all over
    But it doesn't really matter
    Anymore because if you and me
    Were really meant to be
    Then one day we will kiss again
    You'll see

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