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    Is it a he or is it a she
    Martha Splatterhead is a knife wielding maniac
    A psycho killer out to take your life
    Saturday night is her night out
    If you're all alone, better watch out
    Be cautious of the footsteps behind
    Give every stranger a watchful eye
    Darkness is not far away
    Another victim, Martha has her way
    Cold steel finds it's mark
    Your flesh is ripped apart
    Blood spewing from the inside
    A sinister laugh, nobody cried
    You scream for mercy
    But it's all in vain
    With each stab of the blade
    You'll feel no pain
    Death by mutilation, a fate you fear
    Each stab of her blade
    Your end grows near
    Ignore my warning and
    Pay the price
    The payment to Martha
    Your worthless life

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