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    Escape the carven paths
    Listen to the voices in your head
    Hear them whisper
    In their ancient tongues

    Let them lead you
    Out of Darkness
    Into the new-born Daylight
    As your journey will begin

    Hopelessness enters my life
    Forces slowly turn the knife
    My wound wide open
    Is there somewhere for me to heal

    Cruel shadows haunt my mind
    Is the Abyss the rescue I find
    Somebody cure me

    Silently I surrender
    The lack of hope is dragging me under
    I walk away
    To seek comfort in the dark

    In my dark shelter I lay
    I feel my Spirit is flying away
    This is the last chance
    For my soul to heal

    Then awakes me the Voices in my head & quot
    Your wound has healed, we have heard what you've said
    We will guide you
    You shall no longer fear & quot

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