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    This town was built on miles of hope
    and I dare you to give one reason to stay
    and maybe I won't go away.
    So far you only dared me once
    and I think we know that's not even close enough.
    Not enough for me to stay.
    It costs so much I know.
    But I guess I need to know what it would have felt like to be right.
    But I'm getting tired all over again so hurry up
    and get here because I'm still waiting...
    just like I've always been.
    I'm getting tired of standing around,
    just sitting here and waiting to be found.
    Same old shit just a different day.
    I'll wait around for one more day
    but I know that's what I will always say.
    Will this ever be O.K.?
    I will always worry about you.
    I will always stick up for you.

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