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    If I'm the shell and hey it's easter
    Crack me open and watch my yolk.
    Splutter out into your arms
    Or at least it would if you had your arms open.

    For now I'll watch my yellow pity
    Spill out onto the spare room floor.
    And place my ass in the centre of this cup
    I'll watch you aim --- shoot

    Street lamps have heated my stomach up
    Way too much and the night air has
    Inflated my head way above anything else...

    ... Before, is that what they said,
    Is that what they all think or,
    Is that what they all know?

    Of course, full of gas so i can fly away.

    Translucent agenda and late night hotels
    Bedroom floors oh bedroom floors
    And toilet bowls my second home.

    The Sun is only talking to me
    When my mouth is dry and tied shut
    Warap me up in telephone wires
    Disconnect my hormones I'll "BRB"

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