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    Was all I was after

    But I found so much more

    You made me start the thinking

    And I don't regret a thing

    I guess you made me understand

    What you want and what you need

    Sometimes my eyes are so blind

    You've given up so much for me

    Give me time

    To let everything sink in

    The future seems so bright

    Now that the day of eternity is here

    You're my third world girl

    Taking me for a ride

    On a carpet made of flowers

    High up in the sky

    You have lived in a far away jungle

    In a house up on the mountain

    Surrounded by the bluest water

    There's an ocean breeze

    As the moon rests in her eyes

    Footsteps turn on the gold

    And her skins so dark from the sunshine

    I have opened up your new life

    I will give you everything

    You've got to put your time in me

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