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    Looking in the mirror what's left to see
    Fragments of life all the pieces are broken
    The skyways open to conquer the moon
    I'm going to get there just watch me
    Maybe tomorrow I'll think of tomorrow
    Inspiring words
    The Dai Lama prays for us
    Oppressor and friend
    Human understanding
    We can build a better world
    Oceans of wisdom
    Speak out loud
    We'll think of tomorrow
    Tomorrow's children
    Come out and play
    When I have a kid of my own
    What will I teach him?
    Prepare him to be alone
    Because some day he'll be all alone
    I have tried all my life to find the answers
    But the only truth is what you feel inside
    What's indside?
    When will we ever get along?
    I sit by wondering
    Environmental conciousness
    You heard it all before the present time is our
    Think think of tomorrow
    Tomorrow's children come out and play

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