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    Waiting for the answers

    All solutions to my problems

    I guess I need your help on the way

    Am I searching

    Keep track of what's going on

    Learing from my failure I'm not afraid to fall

    Don't want to dig my hole and deeper

    Still think I need your help

    Fear the pilot who steers the ship

    Don't get off the train

    Are you afraid

    I'm not

    No tickets to my paradise

    It's all inside

    Don't be afraid to explore your mind

    And go crazy

    Will you open be open armed

    Save me from this wreck I'm not afraid to die

    Keep digging down I'm over my head

    What are you

    I won't flu on the ship

    Eating you off a piece of paper

    Then freaked off my trip

    And now it's later on

    And I won't end this way

    My high is so much stronger

    All the colors in my hole

    Am I alive?

    I've just lost a portion of my mind

    But I have opened a new door

    I won't forget the time that you showed me

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