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    sarah jones is acting out a monologue

    to teach the world about justice

    what women want

    "im not an


    she screams with eyes on fire

    the crowd goes wild

    shes preaching to the choir

    W. is making love to

    shareholders who own a piece of sunshine

    we own the world

    "oil is our saviour!

    now we can all retire"

    a billion reasons why

    hes preaching to the choir

    yeah i wanna find some friends

    some common ground

    where everything is fine and

    everything is easy

    yeah im gonna speak my mind

    and sing out loud

    where everyone is kind

    and everyone who sees me nods

    moses junior on the streets of hollywood

    shouting meets a sinner

    "god save your soul"


    the devil is a liar"

    a brick screams out the cost

    (of)not preaching to the choir

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