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    its no use trying to make sense,
    it doesnt matter anyway,
    theres no one worth the pain,
    no reason left to stay,
    i try to turn it off
    where did the old me go?
    how did i get so far away?
    i just dont know,

    every act of kindness boils down to lust or greed,
    no one acts from altruism it all comes down to need,
    theres a monster inside my heart,
    trying to tear my world apart,
    theres a monster inside my head,
    who tells me i'd be better off dead,

    i try to turn it off get back to positive,
    dont wanna drag you down to the street where i live,
    i try to turn it off get back to happy days,
    pull this barrel from my mouth and look for better ways,

    everything you ever tried,
    every time you might have lied,
    every flaw you tried to hide,
    every drop you ever cried,
    every time youve been denied,
    every tear you ever dried,
    everything builds up inside in waves of regret miles wide.

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