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    is there something more i just cant see?
    ive been so busy trying everyday to make ends meet,
    been such a long time,
    now i wonder can i tell the forest from the trees?

    i know that i feel pride and
    i know that i fear shame,
    i know i want you to smile when you hear my name,
    seems like a silly game,
    but i know i play it harder than anything,

    i feel alone, theres people everywhere,
    some of these people even care,
    once in a while you find someone who really cares,
    but im too busy to give them what they need,
    its not greed just a feel of failure,
    it keeps me goin,
    but when tomorrow comes theres always something more,
    and i cant stop working long enough to wonder what lifes for,
    what is it for? am i just a whore? who am i working for?

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