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    You complainer what you complaining about

    Why don't you take a good look

    See what this world is all about

    When your feeling sorry for yourself

    And there's a roof over your head

    Remember the man who's got a box for a bed

    We don't need people like you

    You have got to lose that attitude

    When your worried about your bills

    Are being paid on time

    Look at the man who shops a the five and dime

    He has got a lot of coupons

    That fill up his hat

    That man he's living out of a garbage can

    And he digs through the waste of you and me

    He doesn't have a family

    How can you be unhappy where you are

    When I see you driving your fancy car

    You have got limbs to walk and run

    That man in the chair doesn't have none

    We don't need people like you

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