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    Just another night, another bar, another town, I was talking to myself though the guys were all around, Then she walked up started dancing on the bar, I showed her to my car, All her high school friends started coming to our shows, I admit they caught my eye and my wallet and my nose, But no one comes close to the girl that I loved first, Maybe I'm just cursed, Officer I swear she said she's 19, Didn't check her ID, You know that you would do the same, Finally a girl who looks up to me, She can't see through me, She can't see anything I don't want her to see, We always manage to agree, Finally I saw the light we didn't have to wait, Come on darling pack your bags we'll move to another state, New Mexico says you can marry at 16, Now I got my mini-queen, In New Mexico life is dry there's not much grass, and my little cutie earns our rent she's pumping gas, This morning she met the cutest girl at a bar, Guess we have to move to Utah

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