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    Outside of Vons

    Gabrielle and I crouched behind her dad's Plymouth Duster

    sharing Ding Dongs

    with chocolate smeared on both our chins and noses

    Her Dad wore a frown as he

    dragged me in to say sorry to the manager who made me walk

    around in shiny handcuffs

    He grabbed the microphone announced my story

    No longer drawing on the wall or pooping in the trash can

    A three-year-old red-handed thief and anyone could guess

    Someday I'd get

    Kicked Out Kicked Out of Kindergarten Kicked Out

    I started school

    saw the principal for crimes like blowing bubbles in milk or

    having mud fights or spitting on blonde braided Karen Edwards

    "Next time you'll get swats," he growled I'd be good for a week.

    Until one day, the red... plastic box said "pull" I had to pull it

    The ringing bells poured kids out every building

    The office lady cried out "There's a family that's burning

    While all the fire trucks race here to douse your false alarm."

    That day I was Kicked Out...

    Is it my genes? Or some faulty wiring in my head?

    Maybe mom skipped church one week when she was sixteen

    and I'm her punishment.

    All through my schools

    Every teacher knew my name on the first day of class

    I learned the paddle hung on the office wall was not symbolic

    At ten voted president but then impeached for a peace

    sign I flashed in the 6th grade panoramic student photo

    I got 3 days to contemplate my outlook

    My Mom told me repent and read The Miracle of Forgiveness

    But how could I start fresh and join upright society?

    I knew I was Kicked Out...

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