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    Keep on playing me I'm not a toy
    I'm different from everyone else
    Lies are what you believe in
    Promises that you'll never keep
    Don't tell me stories of your pastimes glories
    They've faded away with the sun
    Faded away
    I'm flying high above the gray
    See it on the floor beneath my feet
    Can't control what's out of my hands
    The river looks so deep and I don't want to swim
    In the muddy waters that you offer me
    I'm not going to waste no more of the good life
    Watching you fade away
    Hands on a watch
    Turn like the wheels on a train
    And the days turn to weeks
    The months seem the same
    Look at all the bullshit that surrounds me
    Plastic people different countries
    Speak different words
    They're all the same life for them is just a game
    I want a way out but I'm stuck here
    I need an excuse to be myself again
    How long will I have to wait just fading away
    Faded away
    I'm sitting in the back because it's where I belong
    I don't say anything just try to get along
    On to the runway to catch another plane
    I'm going back home to be myself again

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