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    You heard the warnings saw the signs
    Do you still think we left you behind?
    Don't you remember how we tried?
    Another place
    Another time
    Without reason without rhyme
    Can you imagine life without your pride?
    You look up at me with those hurt puppy dog eyes
    I never meant to hurt you
    I'm sorry that I had to be the one to tell you
    That you screwed up for the last time
    I know that there were times before
    When I said I would be there
    That's when I thought the choice was mine
    But now I've lived and I know better
    Promises were never meant to be
    Because I couldn't see
    That the things you thought you'd change
    You had no will to rearrange
    So you made a liar out of me
    What else can I say?
    I'm sorry ot turned out this way
    Do you think we'll ever be the same
    I'd still call you my friend
    But to you it's the end
    I know you think that I'm the one to blame

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